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Living With Pets

Living In Off Grounds Apartment With Pets In Charlottesville, VA

As you begin researching the different luxury apartments Charlottesville, VA has to offer, the idea of moving away from home may start to feel overwhelming. Perhaps the idea of bringing the family dog or cat with you seems appealing, but before you make any final decisions, it is important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages.

Owning Pets As a UVA Student

The commitment associated with being a pet owner are quite extensive, but your furry best friend makes the decision worth it. As a college student, these responsibilities only escalate because of your busy schedule, so you will need to count the cost before you decide to bring your pet to your off grounds housing near UVA.During your time in college, you will be learning how to live on your own and discovering what Charlottesville offers its residents, all while attempting to find a balance between schoolwork, social activities, student organizations, physical health and sleep. Pets must be let outside, receive attention and get the necessary physical activity they need to remain healthy, and you may not have enough time to dedicate to them. However, it should be noted that a 2013 study conducted by the American Heart Association found that having a pet may lower your risk of heart disease.

Owning a dog also has the potential to bring you joy and comfort. Adjusting to life in a new city and away from your friends and family may be quite stressful. A warm, cuddly companion may provide just what you need to feel comforted and loved. Having a pet that relies on you for care everyday will also give you a sense of purpose. Yet, there is also a cost associated with pets. Dogs and cats must have regular visits to the vet’s office, obedience training and food. You will also have to pay an flat fee when you move in to your Charlottesville student apartments or an extra fee added to your monthly installments. If you are living on a tight budget, you may not be able to properly provide for them.

How to Keep Your Neighbors Happy in Charlottesville

While your love for your pet may cover over any annoying habits they may have, your roommates and neighbors will not be as forgiving. In order to minimize their discomfort and avoid potential friction, try to limit the impact your pet will have on their lives. Enroll them in obedience school to train your dog not to bark while inside and consider finding UVA off grounds housing with solid construction to minimize noise pollution. Make sure that every time you leave your apartment, your dog is always on a leash so that your neighbors never have to question if they are safe. Additionally, you will want to keep your roommates happy by cleaning up piles of hair that your cat or dog may leave behind.

Laws Regarding Pets in Charlottesville

Before you move to Charlottesville, take time to first learn about the pet laws. In Charlottesville, all dogs older than four months old must have a dog license, which verifies that they have had their most recent rabies shot. While your dog is not required to remain on a leash when you are not in your college apartments in Charlottesville, you must always accompany them and they must respond to your voice. If your pet is in need of medical assistance, you can bring them to Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital, Old Dominion Animal Hospital or Monticello Animal Hospital.

Live at The Standard at Charlottesville, VA

If you decide to bring your pet to UVA and are researching the different student apartments Charlottesville residents recommend most, come tour The Standard at Charlottesville. Here, both you and your furry companion will enjoy a comfortable and stylish living experience.

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