Moving Checklist

Checklist For Moving To Charlottesville, VA

Choosing housing and moving while in Charlottesville is a time-consuming process. As you transition into each new stage, your needs will change so it is important to choose the right UVA student apartments. Once you do, make a list of everything you have to do during the moving process.

If you forget anything, you will later regret it. Here is a list of several necessary items to remember.

Tips For Moving To Off Grounds Housing Near UVA

The challenges posed by your student apartments near UVA are much different than those in on-campus housing. Though you live separately from your parents in dorms, they require much less responsibility than apartments. For example, you will often need to pay an application fee and then security deposit when you sign your contract. You will need to consider these fees when you are determining which apartments you can afford. For the first time, you will also need to pay your installments monthly instead of at the beginning of the semester and continually pay for utilities. In order to have water and power when you arrive, contact your provider at least two weeks in advance and set up an account.

Pointers For Moving Into Your First UVA Student Apartment

There is a great mixture of emotions when you away from home for the first time. On one hand, you are excited about your new-found freedom but on the other, you will need to learn how to complete the moving process successfully on your own. The key is to start early. Begin packing well in advance so you aren’t stuck packing the night before you leave. As you pack, take time to sort through your belongings. Though you may be tempted to bring your family scrapbook, childhood dolls or vacation souvenirs, only stick with the essentials. Otherwise, you will quickly clutter your new apartment. If there are mementos you want to keep but don’t want to bring with you, leave them in your parent’s house and you can always come back for them later. All other unwanted items can be donated or disposed of. When you receive the key to your new apartment, take the time to perform a thorough walkthrough of your unit. Document all evidence of previous wear and tear and take pictures, so you will not be held accountable for damage you didn’t cause.

Reminders For Graduate Student Housing

As a graduate student, you have had experience living on your own for a while. However, now you have the necessary flexibility to opt for the superior luxury student apartments Charlottesville has to offer. When you are moving out of one apartment and into another, you will need to first pack up all of your belonging and then deep clean. Make sure that you remove all belongings and trash, clean flooring, dust, remove scuff marks from walls and baseboards, and clean out kitchen cabinets. If your landlord is unsatisfied with your cleaning, he/she may charge you an additional cleaning fee. You will also need to transfer your utilities account to your new apartment so be sure you contact your provider with enough notice to make the switch. After you unload your moving truck and finish unpacking, it may be wise to have a conversation with your roommate in which you discuss house rules, such as overnight guests and quiet hours. During grad school, you will need a quiet environment to study in.

Choose The Standard At Charlottesville, VA

If you are looking for apartments in Charlottesville students recommend, choose The Standard at Charlottesville. Here, you will find amenities and features that will suit your budget and preferences whether it is your first apartment or not. Contact our office today to learn about the many perks our residents enjoy.

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