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Types of Student Housing

Charlottesville Housing Options

Charlottesville is home to many college student looking for housing and Charlottesville student apartments, so there is no shortage of options. It is important to remain patient and logical when searching for a place to live. Below is a list of some of the most popular types of housing Charlottesville has to offer, so you can figure out which one suits your lifestyle and budget before you begin looking at specific locations.

UVA Townhouses

Townhomes are ideal for some students because they have more space than average apartments in Charlottesville, VA but less than houses. Though the idea of more room sounds appealing, it will also take more time, money and effort to maintain. Your power bills will increase because it requires more energy to cool or heat your townhouse and you will have more areas to clean. Similar to luxury UVA student apartments, you may have access to community amenities such as swimming pools and clubhouses. Thankfully, when you live in a townhouse, you will not need to worry about the front of your townhome, because the fees you pay to the homeowners association will ensure that your curb reflects the standards of the community.

Houses in Charlottesville, VA

If you are looking for more space, a house may be right for you. Out of all of the other housing options, they offer the most square footage for storage, privacy and entertaining friends. However, this extra space also has its drawbacks. You will need more energy to moderate the temperatures increasing the cost of your monthly utility bills. You will also have more places to clean, which is time consuming and unpleasant. Houses have lawns, which can become the perfect place for you to hone your grilling skills and invite friends offer to throw a football. If you are considering a house, be sure to talk to the landlord about maintenance and lawn care. If you are responsible for making repairs and taking care of the grass, or hiring these services yourself, you will need to factor these aspects when making a final decision.

Luxury Apartments for UVA Students

The most popular housing choice for students is apartments near UVA. Apartments are ideal for students with a busy schedule. Management is equipped to provide maintenance and contract out to lawn care companies so you can focus on enjoying your college experience. However, it is important that you don’t select the average off grounds apartments Charlottesville has to offer, but you choose a luxury apartment complex. They are located closer to grounds so you have a shorter commute to grounds so you can retreat to your unit when you need to and can gain extra sleep when you need it without being late to class. Additionally, the complex is predominantly filled with other students, making it the ideal place to live because you can easily develop friendships.

Live at The Standard at Charlottesville, VA

When you are touring luxury apartments Charlottesville, VA, has to offer, stop by The Standard at Charlottesville. Our units and amenities were designed with students in mind. Within your apartment, you can enjoy lavish features like stylish furniture packages, stainless steel appliances, spacious bedrooms and a flat-screen TV in your living room. When you explore the property, you will find luxury amenities created to help you maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. For example, you can stay on top of your schoolwork with our Internet café and study lounges, without having to spend time in crowded on-grounds libraries. Physically, you can stay in shape in our 24-hour fitness facility and also make new friends in the arcade or by the rooftop pool. Contact our office today to schedule a tour.

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