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Luxury Student Living

The housing that you choose to live in during your college years will have a great impact on your overall experience. Your apartments near UVA will be the backdrop for countless study sessions, roommate movie nights and game nights with friends. Therefore, it is important to choose the option that will simplify your life and make all of your memories sweeter. Luxury apartments are designed with students in mind so you can enjoy a well-rounded college experience.

What Is A Luxury Apartment?

The term “luxury” is used when describing certain apartment complexes, but do you know what it actually means? Luxury student apartments go beyond the basic apartment necessities of having a place to sleep, cook and bathe. Instead, they provide features and amenities that will enable students to enjoy a successful and balanced lifestyle. This can vary from granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances in your unit to community swimming pools and fitness centers.

National Trend Of Luxury Student Apartments

Throughout the past two or three decades, there has been a shift in preferred student housing. In the past, college students had fewer funds and were resigned to living in cramped dorms or apartments. In contrast, this new generation has access to more resources and has therefore begun recognizes the many advantages associated with living in luxury student housing. These apartments are designed in order to help students excel academically, socially and physically. In response, companies have continued to construct more luxury student apartments providing students with even more options.

Amenities Offered In Luxury Apartments

While the amenities vary from location to location, there are several apartment features that are typically found in luxury student living options.

Clubhouse & Pool

Your time in college is meant to be an exciting period that you will look back on fondly for many years to come. That is why luxury apartments strive to provide amenities that will facilitate social interaction between friends and residents. Even beyond that, residents have reported that when they have amenities that allow them to relax, they are more rejuvenated and able to focus when it is time to study. Resort-style pools, sundecks, and fully-equipped clubhouses allow students to enjoy their study breaks and weekends to the fullest. At The Standard at Charlottesville, students can swim in the rooftop pool and participate in a variety of activities such as foosball and billiards in the game room.

Computer Labs

Luxury student apartments near UVA are predominantly filled with students and should, therefore, provide features that will enable residents to meet their academic goals. The Standard at Charlottesville has a computer lab, which is equipped with the latest computers and printing services. Additionally, we also have private study rooms so students can focus without having to venture out to cold, crowded libraries on grounds.

Fitness Centers

Regular exercise is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but studies also show that it helps decrease depression, improves the ability to recall new information and increases focus. Luxury student apartments offer cardio studios and strength centers to provide residents with the necessary tools to remain physically fit. At The Standard at Charlottesville, students also have the opportunity to take a yoga or spin class.

Deluxe Floorplans

One of the most important elements in the best student apartments Charlottesville has to offer is a relaxing place to return to at night. This typically includes spacious rooms and walk-in closets, and plenty of room to entertain guests. Gourmet kitchens and flat-screen TVs allow students to feel at home. The Standard at Charlottesville makes our units even more convenient and comfortable with stylish furniture packages so unpacking only requires your clothing and personal items.

Convenient Location

If the luxury apartments in Charlottesville, VA, are not within close proximity of grounds, then they are not truly luxurious. It does not matter how nice the facility is if your commute is too long. Luxury student apartments are typically located within walking distance of UVA so that you never have to worry about missing class.

Plenty Of Parking

Parking is a common frustration associated with complexes near grounds but luxury apartment ensure ample parking. They do this by providing parking garages, reserved spaces or an abundance of available spots. The Standard at Charlottesville, for instance, allows residents to rent a space in the adjacent parking garage.

Choose The Best Off Grounds Apartments

Once you decide student apartments near UVA are right for you, come visit The Standard at Charlottesville. Our extensive list of amenities and features make us stand out from the rest. We provide residents with all of the resources they need to thrive in school, make friends and remain healthy. Contact our office today to schedule a tour of your new home!

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