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Charlottesville Relocation Guide

Moving to a new city is both exciting and frightening. You’re leaving everything, and sometimes everyone, you know behind and arriving at a new, unfamiliar location. But moving also opens up the possibility for new adventures, new experiences and new friends. When it comes to moving, there is a lot you’ll have to do on your own, but before that happens The Standard will like to give you insight and tips on moving to Charlottesville, VA.

The City’s Main Neighborhoods

Charlottesville, VA, may be a compact city, but within its 10 square miles it holds an abundance of culture and diversity, it is rich in food, music, the arts, and education.


Belmont is located just south of downtown Charlottesville and offers a diverse range of architecture, homes, and businesses. Given its close proximity to downtown, the area has seen a recent revitalization and now offers a mix of downtown Charlottesville apartments and homes surrounded by coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants. The area is in the perfect location to enjoy the surrounding mountains and the local nightlife scene.


Midtown, located on Main Street is the center of student life. The area is filled with restaurants and bars and is situated within walking distance from grounds. If you are looking for apartments for rent near UVA, this is as close as you get. Not to mention that midtown also offers one of the widest arrays of student apartments in Charlottesville, VA.

North Downtown

If you’re looking for a neighborhood in Charlottesville with character and within walking distance of the downtown life, then North Downtown is for you. The area offers a variety of real estate opportunities for just about everyone, including houses, condominiums, and apartments. The apartments found in North Downtown are some of the best off grounds apartments in Charlottesville for their location. North Downtown has a regional library, the McGuffey Art Center, parks and the Downtown Mall. The Downtown Mall is the largest pedestrian mall in the world and contains some of the finest restaurants in Charlottesville.


Just north of the UVA grounds is the Rugby neighborhood. The southern side of Rugby is home to mostly UVA fraternities and sororities, while the north side is made up of residential neighborhoods. Rugby offers a variety of beautiful homes with tree-lined streets and is just minutes away from UVA, The Corner and Scott Stadium. Because of its location, however, Rugby’s real estate tends to be on the higher end.

Tips For New UVA Students

  • If I live too far from grounds to walk, how do I get to class? Most neighborhoods in Charlottesville are a short commute to the university, but if you’re living too far to walk there are buses you can take. The bus routes make their way through most of the city and its neighborhoods, and the university has its own transit system free to students, faculty, and staff. Another great way to get around is biking due to Charlottesville’s concise nature.
  • When my family visits me, where should I take them? When your family is in town, the Downtown Mall is a great place to take them. With more than 120 specialty shops and 30 restaurants, the Mall is a sure place for the whole family to enjoy and pass the time. Charlottesville also has many delectable restaurants and though you might not visit them often given their higher prices, they’re the perfect choice for those times that your parents will be picking up the check. One of the most popular restaurants during parents weekend is a Latin American inspired restaurant called, “Zocalo”.
  • How do I ensure a good relationship with my roommate? Moving in with a new person can be hard, especially with someone that you don’t know. To ensure a good relationship with your roommate, communication is key. At the start of the semester, discuss any rules or boundaries either of you would like to set so that you can both be on the same page and avoid any problems later on.
  • How can I lower my utility bill? There are many small tricks you can use to avoid a high utility bill. Try programming the thermostat to stay at a consistent level, wash clothes in large loads, turn the lights off when not in use, and keep your shower under 10 min.
  • What is the atmosphere like at apartment complexes? Apartment complexes around the university are mainly occupied by students, and while they tend to be calm and quiet for the most part, it is not out of the ordinary to hear music and students partying on weekends. Apartment complexes usually host events for their residents as well on a regular basis.
  • How can I remain physically active? Most apartment complexes have free gyms with equipment for their residents. If yours does not, going out running or joining a university sports club is a great way to stay fit and meet people in the process.
  • Do I need to get renters’ insurance? It is highly recommended that you get renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance protects the tenant’s personal property against fire, theft, and vandalism so you aren’t responsible. Most apartment complexes provide renters insurance through them.
  • Where are the best places to eat? Charlottesville offers a wide array of restaurants for every student’s taste. Some of the fan favorites are Christian’s Pizza, The Virginian, TEN Sushi, Sweethaus Cupcake Cafe, Grit Coffee Bar & Cafe, and Boylan Heights.
  • How can I make friends in Charlottesville? The best way to make new friends is to meet new people. Join university clubs, participate in events, rush or just go out to the bars. The more people you meet, the bigger your group of friends.

Student Housing In Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville is a great city with a lot to offer students. Each neighborhood provides its own unique atmosphere and things to do to keep you entertained. At The Standard, we provide students with options for apartments in downtown Charlottesville, VA, that best match their needs. Contact us today to learn more about the luxurious features available at our apartments.

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